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ALT HR Partners is a specialty HR consulting firm helping businesses use empathy during difficult conversations. We partner with employers during disciplinary discussions, terminations and layoffs. We can assist behind the scenes with preparation and training or we can partner directly during the discussions.

In our work, we have found that using empathy produces better results, not only for the person being impacted, but for the managers and the company as a whole. Additionally, having a 3rd party involved may mitigate your risk of individual discrimination claims and can increase your employee morale and maintain your company’s reputation.

Our discretion and professionalism help you focus on your business, while we handle the difficult conversations. Learn More

We have successfully handled over 5,000 lay-offs across industries, along with numerous terminations and disciplinary decisions.

Our team has the knowledge, perspective, experience, and unique capability to assist you.

Let us partner with you to put together a solution that utilizes our most relevant services for your unique needs. Just like you, we care about your time, your money, and your employees.

The Value of Empathy
42% of customers refuse to do business with a company that is viewed as unempathetic
60% of employees would take a pay cut for an empathetic employer
80% of employees would work harder for an empathetic employer

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ALT HR Partners is a trusted agency with over 20 years of experience helping companies navigate difficult HR decisions.

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