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November 13, 2018
5 Tips for an Awesome Performance Review Process

It is annual review time for many companies - the time of year to reflect on the last 365 days and give a rating to our employees on their performance. In recent years there is a movement to do away with the annual review.

I have heard a variety of excuses for eliminating this annual event, including: “no one takes it seriously, it is a waste of time”; “we have other priorities right now”; “all they want is the money, they don't care what we say until we get to the raise”; “senior management won’t do it, why should we”.

These are EXTREMELY valid reasons and if these are floating around your company (or inside your own head), you may want to step back and rethink the annual review, but probably not for the reasons you are thinking. The annual review CAN be a very valuable event for the entire organization. It can facilitate conversations between managers and empl...
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September 13, 2018
Emergency Preparedness and Employee Relations

As Hurricane Florence barrels towards the coast your mind may be overwhelmed with thoughts about the safety of your employees, insurance policy coverage, inventory concerns, incoming shipments, and securing your property. Of all the important things that are on your mind and all of the items that are vying for your attention in the hours leading up to the storm, what you do not want to be thinking about is fielding calls from employees who are calling out because they need to secure their Great Aunt's Best Friend's beach house. While most employees will call out because they truly need to be out of work, there are certainty those that will take advantage of the situation. However, before you take action, think about the following:

  • Most people are telling you the truth. Unless there is a history of deceitful behavior and absenteeism, now is not the time to uti...
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