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We'll work with you to select which of our comprehensive services is right for you.
Our consulting services are designed specifically for your business. Our first priority is to learn about you and your business, ensuring our advice and direction fits your company. We draw on over 20 years of HR expertise to help your business manage its most valuable asset, people.
How We Help
FRACTIONAL HR – Our fractional HR services allow you to outsource your human resources needs, instead of relying on an internal department that will increase overhead and expenses. This solution provides you with expertise based on the current needs of your business, and the flexibility to have experienced human resources professionals on-demand or over a set period of hours per month.

ON CALL HR EXECUTIVES - We provide on-call support and mentoring for all levels of HR professionals, business owners, and managers. We are able to answer questions and help solve problems whenever you need us.

MANAGEMENT SUPPORT - ALT HR Partners specializes in helping managers and business owners work through their employees' lifecycle with empathy and respect. We provide support for a wide variety of employee relations issues including: harassment, discrimination, discipline, annual reviews, and difficult conversations. We can work with you behind the scenes to give you the tools and confidence you need, or be front and center as the face of your Human Resources department.

EMPLOYEE COMPLAINT RESOLUTION - As a neutral third party, we provide support in investigations, evidence gathering, and providing options and recommendations for ameliorating issues.

TERMINATIONS AND LAYOFFS – Our Founder has extensive experience creating termination and layoff plans that convey respect and dignity to those impacted. We have worked across industries to help both large and small corporations transition their employees, while mitigating risk and maintain the company’s reputation.

POLICIES, PROCEDURES, AND COMPLIANCE - Having a solid foundation of policies and procedures is vital to your company’s health. We work with you to create everything your HR department needs to run smoothly and in compliance, including: Employee Handbooks, Disciplinary Policies, Leave Policies and Procedures, Employment Law Posters, I9 Policies and Procedures, and Compliance Audits.

STRATEGIC VISION - Having a strong Human Resources Strategic Plan will bring you successfully into the next quarter and next year. We work with you and your team to tease out what is most important to the health and success of your company and then lay out a road map to get you there.

HUMAN RESOURCES TRAINING - We provide comprehensive trainings and workshops on:

EMPLOYEE RELATIONS Focusing on areas of Harassment, Discrimination, and Employee Relations, this training is designed to provide your management team with the knowledge and confidence they need to handle a variety of situations. This training includes interactive and classroom-based education on how to handle common situations that can arise between employees at any business.

HIRING & ONBOARDING Working with your management or recruiting team, we walk through the steps on how to create an effective hiring and onboarding process for your business. We work with your managers and recruiters on behavioral based interviewing, how to hire for culture, and onboarding best practices for your business.

EMPLOYMENT LAW We educate your managers on the significance and importance of employment laws that affect your business on a daily basis. We provide real life examples of how these laws have been enforced through examination of current State and Federal cases.

What people are saying about our us

"Shawn is amazing. She provides unconditional support. Especially to those of us that are entrepreneurs!"
Jennifer Parker - CEO, Forever Young Home Care, Greensboro, NC

"I have worked with ALT HR Partners for almost a year. Their experience, guidance and partnership have been invaluable to us as we have transformed our Human Resources service."
Jeff Adams - HR Manager, Insight Meditation Society, Barre, MA

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