We have learned a lot about ourselves and our businesses through this pandemic. Some of us learned that we could pivot to keep our business active even amid shutdowns, and some learned that we do not need to be in the office to be successful.  For those who are looking at the possibility of remote work for the foreseeable future, we have compiled a list of suggestions to help you thrive in your new setting.

Stay Connected: Although we are working apart, it does not mean we need to feel alone. Some of us will do better with working independently and need minimal contact. However, some will need daily touch bases in order to feel connected. This will look different based upon your team. Video conferences, phone calls, and Zoom coffee chats are all options. No matter what you choose to do, just make sure your team still knows you are there to support them.

Create a Space Just for You: In order to have a successful home office, you need to have a place to set up. The amount of space your team has to work with will differ from person to person. Here are some creative ways to set things up if you are tight on space

  • Use a small rug to break up the area
  • Choose a desk that adds vertical storage (like a “ladder desk” that includes shelves)
  • Use a light-colored or clear chair and accessories (to reduce visual clutter) 

Even shorter on space? Get creative: Put a spare closet to work, which is roughly the same size and depth as a small desk. Or, mount a slab-style shelf to use as your desktop. Add a small chair or stool and your office is ready!


Get Dressed for Work: We know that wearing pjs for days on end seemed like a good idea at first, but experts say that when you do not get dressed it has an effect on your mental health. Making an effort to get up a few minutes early, shower, and put clothes on that make you feel good about yourself can make the difference in your performance.


Eat Healthy Meals and Snacks:  Working from home gives you constant access to any snacks you may keep around. Making sure those snacks are healthy options will help you ensure your body is getting the healthy fuel it needs to continue through the day.


Stick to a Schedule and Take Breaks: Make sure you know what your work hours should be, including breaks. This is not only key for your own mental health but it also lets your clients and fellow team members know when they can reach you. Although it might be tempting to stop setting an alarm in the morning or taking lunch breaks, that will quickly lead you to feeling like you are stuck in a big black hole. If you can keep the same schedule you did when you were still going into the office, we promise you it will make a difference in your productivity.  


Shut Things Off for the Night: Making sure you know when to shut things down for the night is just as important as any of the other tips we have. If you do not learn to separate work from home, you will not be successful. Shutting down your computer and making a to-do list for the next day can ensure you do not feel tempted to sneak back to the ‘office’ in the evening.



Click here for a handy infographic to share with your team. As always, if you have any questions about setting up remote work policies or anything else, we are always here to help.

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