If you are having a tough time recruiting top talent, you are not alone. This year, 69% of employers say they are struggling to fill jobs, up from only 14% in 2010. The bottom line? The post-pandemic economy presents a new set of challenges. And leaders in every industry are experiencing the same struggles as you. Here are three things to consider…

Tip #1: When Recruiting Top Talent, Follow-Up Is Critical
You know the saying. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Well, the squeaky employer gets the candidate too! In this post-pandemic job market, candidates have gained an upper hand. With more job openings than the talent pool can fill, you cannot afford to be reactive. So, here are a few things to consider.

  • If you wait to make an offer, another employer may beat you to it.
  • What if your top candidate declines your offer? Staying connected with all your leaving candidates may be a good idea.
  • If you receive applications from candidates who are not the right fit, could they be a fit for another role soon?

Tip #2: Adapt to What Today’s Employees Want & Need
Culture is your competitive differentiator in a job seeker’s market, and offering a fair salary is the bare minimum. On the heels of the coronavirus, employees now want flexible hours, more paid time off, remote work options, and non-traditional perks like childcare benefits, education reimbursement, or even pet insurance.

Do not dismiss what your current or prospective employees want to see in the post-pandemic workplace. Instead, ask yourself the challenging questions.

For example, do you really need to reopen the office, or can employees do their jobs just as effectively from home? Is an 8:30-5:30 schedule necessary? Can you offer shorter workweeks or hybrid work options? Being open to new ways of operating your business can broaden your talent pool. If remote work can be continued, then you’re not limited to talent within driving distance of your office.

Tip #3: Consider Upskilling Current Employees

In general, looking to your current team for recruitment help can be a good strategy. Depending on your industry, promoting a current team member to a new role could shorten the onboarding period and boost retention.

Whether you move an existing employee into a new role or seek referrals, there’s likely tremendous value in the pool of talent you already have. So, do not ignore what is already in front of you in your quest to hire top talent.

Remember, You Are Not Alone!

No matter what challenges you face to bring in new talent, remember that you’re not alone. Need advice or have questions? We are here to help

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